Professor Robert Meyer’s Guide to Auditions. Some Unusual Difficult Pieces #5

No doubt you have been practicing some of the many difficult bass parts that Prokofieff wrote- his symphonies, Lt Kijé etc, but there are a couple of his ballets that you might not find in an excerpt book which you should look at if you happen to have to audition for a ballet job.

The first I can think of is his ballet “Cinderella”, round about Fig.34. It is one of the main themes; first written in the minor later changing to the major a couple of bars later. Although it l looks quite simple I have known some bassists who have fallen down on it.

The second is his ballet “Le Fils Prodigue” (The Prodigal Son), which I have known to be given at some ballet auditions. Starting at Fig.1 it carries on for 20 bars, then at Fig. 5 there is a very exposed 7 bar soli passage.

Another ballet of his, “Romeo and Juliet” is not too difficult but it’s well worth casting an eye on it beforehand if you know it’s coming up in your repertoire.


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