Requiem for an Orchestra (3)

A year or two year ago Dr. Turner, the producer for the CBC Orchestra was awarded the Queen’s Medal and the Order of Canada for his work in keeping the CBC Vancouver Orchestra going together with John Avison, its conductor, giving so many young Canadian artists and composers a chance; I decided that as I had been its principal double bass for over seventeen years I would put on a concert with the kind permission of my friend, Mrs. Janette Chrysler at her concert hall in Sooke, B.C. to honour him, because as far as I knew,(or know), there were no other celebrations. The concert. for which all the professional musicians gave their services was followed by a reception afterwards and Bob Turner was overcome with emotion. A day or two before the concert I contacted the CBC person in charge of music in Victoria by phone and left a message of invitation, (there were no strings attached, we weren’t seeking a broadcast) Janette sent an email too but we never received a reply. Bob had done a lot for the CBC.