Yehudi Menuhin, Violinist

Menuhin’s standard of performance varied from concert to concert. Some of his performances were less than adequate, but that being said, when he was on form, which he mostly was, his playing was breathtaking. He had a glorious tone and a wonderful technique. What made him stand head and shoulders above most of the others was his great breadth of mind and his overall view of a piece. I think that his interest in Oriental philosophy and humanity in general helped him.I played with him many times, and once when I was playing with him at the Bath Festival he demonstrated some of his Yoga movements by standing on his head. Off stage he was a kind and gentle man, extremely courteous, and gave much to the cause of music.At one time I was trying to help young Canadian artists by forming Robert Meyer Artist’s Management, Menuhin helped me very much in this endeavour because he was doing the same sort of thing in England. I met with him and corresponded, but I was forced to give it up due to lack of funds, although I did succeed in launching a few on their musical career.Of all the concerto repertoire, I think his rendering of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto was the best I have ever heard. Although Heifetz came very close with a more brilliant style, Menuhin gave it that extra something in depth and feeling.

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